Door latches for internal doors

A mechanical fastener used mainly on internal doors where a lock is not usually required and is compatible with most levers or knobs. Door latches join the two . Tubular Mortice For Internal Doors. Forend (Face Plate) : 60mm x 25mm.

This makes their primary use internal , passive doors , where locking is not . They hold a door close but can also be used to secure a cabinet, . Good clear instruction and method of. This helpful guide to choosing the right latch will help you make the. On most interior door handles you will find a tubular mortice latch. An internal door latch allows you to close a door and keep it in place without . Premium tubular mortice latches. Helpful DIY tips and advice on how to fit handles and a latch on an interior door , read the complete section of tips and advice on how to hang . Used mostly for internal non-locking doors , but.

Latches for interior doors come in different finishes and in different sizes. Steel Gray-Painted Latch Shield for Out-Swinging Doors.