Discovery sill replacement

I am posting my efforts on replacing both inner and outer sills. Again I will stress that this is what I did and am not saying it . Box section or standard sills ? Discovery Sill Replacement Write-up – Tools and Fabrication. This is a write up of the sill replacement job I just did on my 300tdi Disco. I got an advisory for rust on the nearside sill back in December, but I .

LAND ROVER DISCOVERY AND RANGE ROVER CLASSIC SILL. Enough materials to refinish a pair of sills or a combo of other repair panels. We also have all you need for Axle repair , grilles . Find all our panels on E BAY Type search. Do you actually need to replace the full sill on your discovery ? We list the parts you will nee step by step instructions and diagram of the outrigger.

Land rover discovery sill repair – B. Porsche 9rear sill repair -A.

Escort XRRear chassis repair – B. After replacing the whole front end back of Larry after the incident with the Oak tree I was not worried about doing . Al took it for its MOT test at Halfords and the guys failed the repair saying. My garage today quoted me £to repair the badly rusted away sill on . If your body mounts have corroded our . We stock a large range of high quality chassis and body repair parts, mostly from DDS. Land Rover Defender Sill Panel Replacement. Door Rear Wheelarch Repair Panel.

Inner Sill Mounting Brackets ONLY . The replacement sill is thoughtfully designed. Downside no MOT and it needs a fair bit of welding. OUTER SILL REPLACEMENT LH DISCOVERY I. Ready for immediate shipment. Direct replacement and professionally m. Below the doors, steps automatically deploy from the sills to ease entry .