Discovery 1 sill replacement

Box section or standard sills ? Following my other post on replacing inner wheel arches:. One small drama I had was where the sills attached to the rear wheel arch and in . This is a write up of the sill replacement job I just did on my 300tdi Disco. Discovery Series Sill replacement. We also have all you need for Axle repair , grilles .

Outer Sill Repair Panel (0mm). Enough materials to refinish a pair of sills or a combo of other repair panels. All from one place, all great value, all picked to be the best products for the job, . LAND ROVER DISCOVERY REAR MUD FLAPS AND BRACKETS FULL KIT. Hi In a recent thread there was a bit about replacing the sills with 100x60xbox.

However he has one big concern and that is when the old sill is removed so. Do you actually need to replace the full sill on your discovery ? Failing that try and find a replacement Disco body to put on you chassis.

Land Rover Defender Sill Panel Replacement. I used some and swg sheet to replace the rest of the floor that got. Direct replacement and professionally m. After replacing the whole front end back of Larry after the incident with the Oak tree I was not worried about doing . Before the rock sliders can be mounted to the sills and outriggers, the mounting arms must first . He has a disco Vhimself, so shares the love). As you can see the TDi has already managed to acquire one of the back . Rimmer Bros has a variety of Sills products available. We stock a large range of high quality chassis and body repair parts, mostly from.

Below the doors, steps automatically deploy from the sills to ease entry and egress. Be aware that sills are more difficult to replace on early three-door models, where the. UNIVERSAL HEAVY DUTY REAR CHASSIS REPAIR PLATES. FOR RANGE ROVER CLASSIC, DISCOVERY and ALL MODELS.

Hi, my outer sills have rusted through (no shocker!). Even if you repair that area, another equally bad or worse one will show up.