Curtain rails for awkward windows

Here at the Poles Company we are convinced there is a happy solution for everybody and with the cases where metal or wooden curtain poles. Dans le Lakehouse: DIY Window Covering for Awkward Windows. Use-painters-tape-to-help-hang- curtain – rods -level-in-a-few-easy-steps.

Window treatment professionals typically recommend curtain rods longer than the window frame. The extra space on each side, called stacking space, lets you. The designer has created a curtain shaped to the window.

The solution is eyelet curtains hung on a pole just above door height. What smart solutions have you seen – or used – for dressing awkward -shaped windows ? Side Polished Chrome 28mm Bay Window Curtain Pole Passing . Only slight awkward bit is straightening the track because it is tightly coiled but you . Bay windows are a bit odd and this means they sometimes pose. A much better solution would be to have three separate curtain rods. Explore our curtain rails , poles and wires.

Our curtain rails allow you to use standard curtains or panel curtains to span.

Need help with window dressings? Visit us for a wide range of affordable Curtain Rails and Curtain Rods. Our collection includes extendible curtain rods , single to triple rails and much more. Many sizes and colours in stock.

Curtain poles for bay windows can be expensive and tricky to fit . Ready-made and bespoke curtain poles , rails and finials – built to last and. Custom made and extra long curtain poles for all types of window. Paralyzed by the prosect of choosing curtains and drapes? Decorative curtain rods should relate to the style of the room. Beautiful custom curtain rods for any window shape inspired by West Elm.

We stock bay- window curtain tracks for all tastes and styles. Try these easy-to-follow curtain ideas to suit your windows. Choose a plain wooden, metal or painted curtain pole and an unfussy . A huge range of wooden and metal ceiling curtain poles with metal . Choosing which bay window curtain poles can be a difficult decision and.

Great for dressing a window as an accompaniment for curtains. As bay window are usually an awkward shape you need a product that is flexible.

Here at Dunelm we offer a variety of bay window curtain poles that can be manually slotted together to fit perfectly into your window frame. Some people choose to go with custom curved rods , some do some sort. Emily Henderson Awkward Windows Extra Long Curtain Roundup1 . We can always solve awkward problems getting your curtains around bay windows or source extra long poles for wider windows.

Motorize corded or hand . New track and rehashing of curtains in an awkward bay. There are two main parts to curtain poles – the pole itself and the finials which. PVC can be shaped to fit the exact shape of your windows. In awkward situations, you may require a ceiling mounted curtain track, swing .