Concertina repair

for the CONCERTINA. Finding Faults Without Pressing a Key Air Leakage With No Keys Pressed How to Correct This Fault. Whenever I receive a concertina for any sort of repair work I am conscious of the skill with which it was made, and the quality of the materials that were used.

David Robertson provides repair , restoration and tuning services for all traditional concertinas. Restoration of a Concertina. We can usually do the job within 3-weeks.

If anyone out there needs a concertina repairing Nigel is your man! I had a lucky break at a sale and got an original early Wheatstone with glass buttons. This first instrument was professionally . Repair Videos Sticking Buttons The following videos demonstrate.

Greg has experience in tuning, pad and valve replacement, concertina case . Concertina bellows and parts sold in our online shop, plus a repair and restoration service is available. Feel free to contact me to discuss your concertina needs. The Button Box offers a complete repair and tuning service.

We perform complete overhauls on concertinas and button accordions.

The Concertina Maintenance Manual (aka the CMM) is now in its second and much expanded edition. The first edition was produced with three objectives:. Anglo, English and Duet concertina , and receive lists of . This second edition is both simply written and . Learn to safely dismantle your instrument, bellows repair , fixing reed problems, replacing pads, basic tuning, what to avoid and much more.

But, its key travel of the right-hand side was more . Need a repair on your melodeon, accordion or concertina ? Martyn has many years experience both making and repairing squeezeboxes meaning we can fix it. This document presents information relating to the tuning and maintenance of. Traditional Irish Music instrument link page to harmonica concertina links.

Baldoni Accordions offers complete repair service for all accordions, concertinas, and. Broken reed tongues were fabricated and the concertina was tuned. Bob Snope, Chief Tuner and Technician at the Button Box accordion and concertina retail and repair. How to Repair Your Diatonic Accordion or Concertina , , small.

The topics covered range from fault-finding charts, basic examination and purchase advice through the common service and repair jobs and techniques t. Conveniently located in Philadelphia, we are a short drive from New York, New Jersey, Baltimore, and Washington DC. HI All, I need someone to overhaul a concertina for me, quite a lot of work in it. It is a Lachenal so I think worth the effort.

Concertina Doctor” of Bathurst, New South Wales, had a concertina repair.

Our dedicated accordion repair and tuning workshop can help you restore an old accordion or make your current accordion, melodeon or concertina sound as .