Catnic ch50 100

Easy-to-use open back profile. Allows masonry to be built up continuously on both outer and inner leaf. Distributor of Lintels – dedicated to servicing build projects for standar heavy duty and . If cavity width is other than 1substitute appropriate.

Birtley lintels eg CB5 CBetc. Catnic Lintel Trade Price List. Browse full range online. New door to match existing on this elevation. Duty lintol with Hi load.

WITH 150mm BEARING AND DPC DRESSED OVER. Figured dimensions only. Leave every third perpend open. Image, QwikPost ARRIS BRACKET Box of 1. Bolt Down Support 100x100mm Unpainted – Box of 5. External walls below dpc comprise 100mm brickwork, 100mm blockwork, with.

Download as PDF File (.pdf), Text File (.txt) or view. EXISTING WITH 55MM CAVITY AND 100MM THICK THERMAL TYPE. Lay 100mm minimum thick ST or Genconcrete floor slab with a trowel smooth surface.

Placing an order for delivery over £ 1? All lintels are designed to carry a specific safe working load (SWL). Cavity Wall CG50/ 1CH1Extra CX50/ 1Wide Inner Leaf .