Blinds fitted outside recess

Unsure whether your blinds should be fitted inside or outside the recess ? Fitting blinds inside or outside the recess can be a tough decision. When close blinds fitted inside the recess cover the window but can. To measure for a blind outside the recess , you need to measure the . A recess blind fits inside the window recess (the box your window sits inside). An exact blind fitting is used for when you want to fit your blinds outside of the .

I read an article which suggested that if you have a relatively dark room (yes) and quite deep recesses (yes) you should fit them outside the recess so that light . Windows look well dressed with blinds fitted outside the recess. As the blind is mainly off the window . Blinds outside the recess are easy to fit. Expert guides on how to measure for roman blinds and how to fit them to your.

Outside the recess can make the window look but is ideal for windows with . How to measure and fit a window blind. It may be necessary to fit blinds outside the window recess where the recess is very shallow, or where tilt .

Inside the recess is a good option for windows in . Window blinds essentially fall into two categories when it comes to measuring and fitting , those fitted inside- recess and those fitted outside – recess. You have a couple of options to decide whether you want your blind to fit on the inside of the recess , or the outside of your recess. We have explained this below. Learn how to measure for blinds with our expert guide and give your room the.

Measuring for new blinds ? Fitting the roller blind inside the window recess requires exact measurements, but you can be more flexible with the blind size if you decide to fit the roller outside. Option (2) Fit the blind outside the recess onto the surrounding wall. But if your window has a recess you have the option of fitting the blind inside or outside. Roman blinds can be fitted either inside or outside a window recess.

A neat solution that blocks the light effectively. Venetian blinds add a stylish touch to any room and enrich the living space. You can choose to have your blind made to fit the inside of the recess of your window or it can hang on the outside.

Exact This is the measurement you need to. Reveal Fixed with cut out. Blind is fitted outside the window recess , on the face of the wall. That is because they fit inside the window frame, and can be mounted as .

Recess is when you want your blind to be fitted on the inside the window recess , you do not . All our blinds can be fitted onto the face ( Outside Mount) of your window frame or wall, or to the top of the inside window recess. BLIND MEASURING GUIDE Before you start: There are ways of fitting your blind : inside or outside the window recess. You will need: Pen or pencil.

Remember that the fabric will be smaller than the recess width to fit the mechanism in, so you may need to fit your blind outside the recess. To allow for variations .