Axim panic bar

Axim Concealed Rod Panic Exit Device SSS. Concealed rod panic exit device designed for aluminium hollow section doors. AXIM Concealed panic bar. An alternative option to a surface mounted panic device enabling the mechanism to operate within the stile of the door.

Concealed vertical rod panic exit device , with horizontal push bar , designed for narrow and wide hollow stile doors. Features:Non-handed for right or left.

Soft Touch Push Bar , Rim Mounted. Technical information: Heavy duty lever . View all Vertical Panic Pads (EN179) . Axim panic exit devices are available as a push to exit bars or paddle handle devices to meet the requirements of fire exit doors or emergency exit doors. Axim is a coastal town and the capital of Nzema East Municipal district, a district in Western. For the Dell handheld device, see Dell Axim. Local artisanal miners pan for gold in streams inland from Axim.


Within our comprehensive collection of hardware , you can expect to find Axim door closers, transom closers, panic pads and flush bolts that are perfect for any . The Axim PR Series Panic Exit range is comprehensive, and the Axim Panic Exit Locking Handle is one of the most high-quality products I have . Jamb Detail – Panic Device Side Detail. Windows and doors, Panic and Emergency exit devices for use on escape routes ,. A choice of panic bars and exit devices from commercial door experts. Axim 2Point Push padlock Concealed Bolt left hand.

Axim Architectural Hardware is celebrating years since it was first. Axim designs and supplies transom closers, panic exit devices, electric . The Dell Axim Xgave us hope that a Pocket PC device could offer a. To receive proper feedback, you have to actually push further down . Looks amazing with concealed bolts. Length tAttribute id f dell axim xnew. I have an Axim xand a conceptronic 1BT.

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