Autolock av2

As soon as the door is close automatic locking takes place with high tensile steel hooks engaging without the need to lift a handle. The locked door can then. Never just locked on the latch – the AVhas two solid anti-pushback hooks . No longer is it necessary to lift the handle lever to engage the hook locking mechanism. This has often been difficult for the elderly and the infirm and puts their . It is so easy to install .

These multipoint locks have an automatic locking feature, as the door is close . Effective security due to automatic locking when the door is closed. Suitable for burglary-resistant. Winkhaus AVand AV2E in.

Two solid anti-push-back . Wystarczy jeden obrót kluczem, aby rygiel wysunął się do końca i zaryglował drzwi w części środkowej. AUTOMATIC Multi-Point Locking System. Our architectural heritage in the UK and Ireland is an important element of many of . Zamki wielopunktowe z automatycznym ryglowaniem.

Zamki autoLock z automatycznym ryglowaniem to bardzo wygodne rozwiązanie. ThunderBolt outing of door at fabrication stage. AVAuto Lock with cylinder. Stainless Steel Bars or Pull Knob. Select Bar Size or Door Knob Below.

Thumb turn cylinder fitted as . Spring Loaded Hook Bolts. AVmechanical lock operates as a slam secure lock as soon as the. Mechanische und motorische. Automatik-Mehrfachverriegelung.

Vollmotorische Mehrfachverriegelung. Lock AVhas been tested in doorsets to. Matic AV2-E Routing and Wiring Overview. Free delivery on eligible orders of £or more.