Aluminium cobra body

The most beautiful aluminium bodied replicas. With a variety of suspension, body , and frame options our Kirkham 2cars can be built for a perfect daily . Our aluminum Roadster ready to go. This just came up on our local South African forum and I knew of another place where it may be aprreciated. The stripes are expertly brushed directly onto the polished aluminum skin.

This is what old world craftsmanship is all about.

Paint can conceal anything. Wheeling up one of the many AC Cobras I built. This had a hand-built body with a steel tube frame, and aluminium body panels that were made using English wheeling machines. Body bonded to chassis and is completely non-stressed.

Supplied painted in base coat and clear coat urethane finish. Body in aluminium optionally available. Following their historic crowning of . Sovereign Car Sales: AC Cobras for sale.


It has a manual transmission. Cobra KIRKHAM STYLE ALUMINIUM BODY. Car Was Completely Disassembled and Refurbished ($4000), Brushed Bare Aluminum Body with Polished Stripes,. Body : Polished Aluminum Body Brushed Racing Stripes Frame: Steel Powder. Does anybody here own one and what do you . The body of our roadsters in . Stafford is one of a handful of U. Beautiful polished aluminum body.

This Special Hybrid is very close to the original. Hand-laid fiberglass hand formed aluminum. Project 1: Fitment Procedure Drill Hole to Rivet Body to. US$1200 or an aluminum bodied car . JCT6can perform full structural repairs on all aluminium vehicles. Our Body Clinic in Bradford have a fully enclose state of the art, heated Aluminium Cabin.

Ac cobra aluminium body for sale. McCoy until the body is tapped. That curvaceous body is pounded out using hammers, English wheels, and . Half a century later, the new aluminum editions will mirror the original .

We have been in the truck body industry for the past years. Clients include: Eureka Monument Toyota Constantia Hino West Rand North West Trucks Nissan. Home › KingsArchery Crossbow Pistol lb Draw Weight – Self-Cocking Metal Body Construct with Aluminium Bolts and Fiberglass Bow – Starter Set .